9 Months after the Start of our ICO, here is the first campaign ruled by our dApp.
9 Months is the time to give birth to a baby, here’s ours! The SaTT dApp!

Our developement’s steps were :
– Create a wallet
– Create an API
– Create a payment system to buy or sell for SaTT
– Create a Ddex for ERC20

Now, we can say that we are experts, and we present you the SaTT campaign management, running add in decentralised way!
The first campaign is a campaign to promote our ICO on Youtube, i’ll explain in this tutorial how to participate and get paid.

1- Select campaign

Connect on your Wallet on: https://satt.atayen.us

If you don’t have an account, yet, create one, it takes less than a minute, you will be able to stock BTC, ETH and SaTT, you also can do it with your favorite social network like Telegram, Facebook or Google.

Once on your wallet is created, go to advertiser’s section, you will find the menu on the left side

Ok, you’re on the campaign directory, now you can select the campaign, you can find the product or service you want to promote, the terms of the advertising contract and apply to promote them!

2- Apply to the campaign

Once you have chosen the campaign that you want to promote, you can apply easily, find the button and click it with convinction, it’s time to start earning money!

Click on “Apply”

The application form will appear like this

Type your motivation message to make the advertiser pick you particularly, it’s time to sell yourself!
Click on “Confirm my application” once done.

Now it is up to the advertiser, who has received this application, to approve or reject.
If Advertiser has approved you will be notified and see the campaign as follows :

3- Send your Youtube Video

Ok, now that your application is approved, do an awesome video following guidelines of the campaign, publish it on Youtube and submit it to the smartcontract.
Go to the campaign directory and find the campaign (like before)
On the campaign, on your right, you will find a button to submit your video link!

Enter your video’s URL for submission and review by the advertiser.

By submitting your link to the campaign, it will do an entry on the Blockchain, you will need a little amount of gas for this process, it prevents fraud.
It can take a couple of minutes to be confirmed by miners

Ok, it’s done, your video is on advertiser side waiting for approval! Next step is to get your money! Best part, right?

4- Check your Stats & Get paid!

Go to the campaign (at this step, you’re a Pro, you know where to find it!)
Click on “Statistics of the video” in the right side menu of the campaign this will be shown

You can follow your stats and better than that, your earnings!
To get paid, you have to ask the Youtube oracle to do an entry on the Blockchain, you can do it several times, it cost a little bit of gas to get processed!
You have to click “recover your gain”, the oracle will send your campaign results to the Blockchain and process the payment!

Thanks for your time to read our document. In our test, a campaign costed $0,12, all secured by the Blockchain, no middleman hodl the money between the advertiser and the publisher.

A good point is the little cost will prevent scammer and bots to apply to campaign for nothing. We are working on adding Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…
The future of advertising transaction is born!

Feel free to ask me questions

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