This tutorial is a simple know-how for Advertisers. For advertisers it’s about how to create a campaign from the scratch as well as the selction of candidates and the validation of videos.

Campaign creation

The advertiser is the one who pays the money (SaTT tokens in this case) to get his advertisement shown. In order to get the most from SaTT advertising campaign system dApp, here is how it works from the Advertiser’s side.

1- First, access your Wallet through

2- Then click on “Advertiser” in “Campaigns” tab

3- Then click on “Create a new campaign”

4- This Popup will be displayed for you, now fill Campaign’s General info and description

Infos :

A – Insert the title of the campaign that will be displayed to the public
B – Insert tags are made to facilitate the search of the campaigns
C – Insert the amount of tokens you’re willing to pay per CPM
D – Insert maximum total payment you’re willing to pay for this campaign
E – Insert maximum duration to underline the deadline of the campaign
F – Insert the image that will appear to public as a cover photo of your campaign
G – Insert description.Try to make this part attractive to publishers, it’s a summary

5- Insert the campaign’s KIT in the second pop up


Number 1 and 2 are for the Kit whether a link or file to help the publisher define and build your campaign. 3 is for the Kit you have entered.

6- Click on “Launch the campaign” at the bottom of this popup.

7- Then click on “validate” and enter your Wallet’s security password.

Now your campaign is being registered on the Blockchain don’t get fed up by waiting a couple of minutes at maximum.

PS: You need GAS to execute this process.

7- Do not close the pop up until process is completed

Finally your campaign is now public and visible to all publishers.

The selection of candidates

Now that your campaign is public, the list of candidates that have applied will be shown to you :

1- Click on advertiser

2- Click on the particular campaign

3- Then click on “Candidates” button in the right menu as follows :

You can select or reject one candidate or more.

The selection of videos

This is the final part in order to complete the final selection and get your campaign started you should

1- Click on advertiser

2- Open your campaign from your dashboard and click on “Videos” button in the right sided menu

3- Accept or reject the video

Now get your content published !

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